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The Dos & Don’ts After an 18-Wheeler or Auto Accident

No one ever plans to get in an auto accident. In Houston, the roads are packed and the drivers are frantic, making it one of the most overlooked cities in the world on the danger scale. Sadly, accidents are sometimes inevitable. If the day ever come when you're involved in an automobile crash caused by a car, truck, motorcycle, or even 18-wheeler, here are some vital tips from Thomas Thurlow of Thurlow & Associates, one of the most successful personal insury law firms in not just Texas but the entire country. What to Do After an Accident to Help Your Case If you become a culprit of negligence on the road, let's start with a list of things you absolutely should do. This will help to keep you and your loved ones mentally prepared in case disaster strikes.
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This Personal Injury Firm Is Helping Houstonians

Sitting on the 10th floor of their Uptown offices while taking in the many accomplishments of Thurlow & Associates, it's easy to get the impression their law firm doesn't have much left to prove. Widely considered one of the most successful personal injury attorneys in Texas history, Thomas N. Thurlow paved the way for personal injury law everywhere. After graduating from the University of Texas as a proud Longhorn, Thurlow first went into oil and gas law. He spent the better part of a decade as a jack of all trades in the legal world, serving in areas such as criminal law and other legal matters. At one point, Thurlow handled north of 100 divorce cases per year. When one particular mediation came all the way down to a heated battle over which ex-spouse got the "pewter duck
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